Saturday, June 25, 2011

Daddy's day...

Not exactly how we thought we'd be spending it this year, BUT it was an awesome God filled day! 

I talked with my friend this week in Brazil who had seen the boys and she said they were doing great, however, they were anxious for our arrival.  So are we!  We just knew we'd be there by now; picking up the boys and assuring the girls of our return. 

Christmas, Easter, Mom's day, Dad's day, all of which we thought we'd be celebrating alongside of our boys.  But God's answer is not yet! 

So we'll keep praying and smiling and anxiously awaiting our travel news!    LeAnn

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A change of priority...

I find it funny how i look forward to Summer because it is going to be a SLOWER time because there are no school activities and we will get alot accomplished, BUT there are numerous camps, swim parties, swim team, cookouts, vbs, mission trips, summer sports and many sleep overs.  Then i look forward to school starting back because then we can get back on a schedule, there will be more time to get things done, BUT there are orientations, fall sports, football games, fall camps, school clubs and tons of homework.  So i look forward to Christmas break because i can get loads taken care of, BUT there are tons of parties, Church programs, family visits, shopping and sleep overs...  This is the reality of life, both mine and most around me.  There is no slow time EVER, so what i choose to do is a simply a matter of priority. 

As this adoption process has played out, God has changed my heart in SO MANY ways.  Things that were once so high on my priority list don't much matter anymore.  Things we once as a family aspired to do and the places we HAD to go are not rating so high.  And the future we had painted for ourselves and our children isn't even really our focus.  It all sounds so strange coming from my mouth, yet it is so freeing.  God has impressed upon me more than anything else to LOVE HIM and LOVE OTHERS. that is my call! 

As i've studied statistics and listened to those that are trying so hard to bring awareness to the hardship of many childrens lives, i believe i have been changed for the better.  But... with this storehouse of new information, i believe i have a resposibility as a believer for what i do with it.  That i can no longer pretend i don't know.   So i choose from this day forward to shout out for those that have no voice. 

I know from God's word that Jesus loved the children.  He even said in Matthew 19:14, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  And in Mark 9:36-37, Jesus took a little child and had him stand among the disciples, then He took him into His arms and said to them, " "Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me." 

As i have allowed all i've seen and heard and prayed fervently over what to do with it, my priorites have changed dramatically.  And so have my families!  We no longer want to play out the rest of our days as the "safe" american family.  We want to spend our days bringing light to the children that are surrounded by constant darkness.  That is here in the states and abroad.  ALL CHILDREN MATTER!  Color, nationality or gender should not lessen thier importance!!  Jesus loves them all!

You thinking i am crazy yet?  No i can't save them all, nor am i called too, but i can begin one at a time as God puts them before me.  As God brings to light opportunities all i have to do is be available.  He is the SAVIOR, I am just the SERVANT.  And as His servant i need to be about my Father's business, His will and His purpose. 

This week has begun a new way of life for us, a complete shift in priorities and focus that has everything to do with the our family not only extending in size but actually also getting involved in the fight for the children.  God Adores every one of them, therefore we do too!  So we have put on our boxing gloves and gotten into the ring, there is no backing down now! 

Hope you'll pray about getting in the ring as well, theres PLENTY to do!  LeAnn

Monday, June 13, 2011

I will be content in all things...

The past several weeks in our Small Group Bible study we have been studying the words penned  by Paul in Philippians 4:11, "I am not saying this because i am in need, for i have learned to be content whatever the circumstances".  When Paul wrote this he was in a pretty tight position, yet he was content. 

This adoption has certainly challenged me to act out this verse again and again and again.  Everytime i believe i have made it over the hump i am face to face with myself yet again.  I am sure God has gotten quite a chuckle everytime i pick up the control strings yet again.

I hope you do not hear any of this as a complaint because i would not choose to be anywhere other than where i am.  God in His sovereignty has taken me to a level of trust i could have never found another way.  This ride with Him has been exhilirating yet painful, intriguing yet trying and amazing yet lonely!  It has caused me to cling to Him in ways i never imagined and this is just the beginning. 

I do not want the kids a day before God says so.  However, i would be lying if i didn't say my heart yearns for them.  I yearn to tuck them in at night, i yearn to take them to church, i yearn to hug them tight and kiss thier sweet foreheads, i yearn to listen to thier hurts, i yearn to show them a family who adores them, i yearn to tell them of a Savior that is smitten with them and of a home far away that is nothing like this one, i yearn to tell them it is all going to be all right, my heart yearns...  There have been many tears, but none have been wasted and God hasn't missed a single one of them.  We want them home but it hasn't worked out that way, so we will be waiting with arms wide open for them.

As my heart aches for these four little ones, i have found a new appreciation for God's aching heart over all His lost children.  He has used this journey in my life to break my heart in a new way over those that do not know Him, those that He is waiting patiently and lovingly for them to choose Him.  My heart has ached in ways that i didn't know were possible, so I can't imagine how His heart aches over the millions.  I will be bolder going forward!    

I don't pretend to know the plan and i certainly don't understand the plan, but i know God's designed the plan, so it is GOOD!  And i will learn to be content in and through it all!

After i shared with you that our paperwork arrived in Brazil i found out that we are not in the 30 day wait that i thought we were in.  It seems as if once our paperwork is translated and shipped to the boys place of residence it could be another 40-50 days before we get traveling rights.  'I will be content in this situation' and i am.  It is certainly not what we hoped for or imagined but it is what it is. 

I have no idea what God is doing behind the scenes but i KNOW it is good!  I BELIEVE Him, I LOVE Him and I KNOW He is taking care of everything as it should be!

Thanks for continuing to remember us in your prayers, we can feel every one of them!  LeAnn

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It won't be long now!

well we got word today that our photo albums we made for our boys some time ago arrived in Brazil.  we are so excited, because that means our paperwork is there as well.  they should begin translation of our documents this week.  we still have no definite flight dates but we are praying that this locks us in the 30 day countdown on South America's side.  we are continuing to believe we will be on the ground the first few weeks of July.  i will update you as soon as i get confirmation!  blessings, LeAnn

Monday, June 6, 2011

God cares more about our character than our comfort...

as if it were not enough to have one behind the wheels, jordan joined the ranks of drivers as of Saturday...  here are some shots from her day :)

God continues to stretch and mold us, and
has an amazing sense of humor! within one week:
 *we have a 16 yr old hit the road,
*a 15 yr old join him,
*our number of children double, and
*we cleaned out the playroom/teen room to create a school room! 
Do you feel my comfort zone EXPLODING!!

Scott led our family in a meeting last night about the adoption and i have to say it was beautiful to listen to how our children had grown in the truth of "being the hands and feet of Jesus".
who would have ever thunk it :) 

i don't want to pretend that we have it all together in this process, because WE DO NOT!  this is and continues to be a long journey for us.  Our house is chaotic, our lives are crazy and our insanity is questionable but... WE LOVE JESUS and ALL HE LOVES! 

we are humbled by Him allowing us to be part of loving on some more of His children.  it is a gift that we do not take for granted.  we do not deserve this opportunity but am very thankful for it. 

we are in our final weeks of countdown to our reunion with our boys.  PTL!  the authorities were told this morning of our intention to come and get the girls, so maybe we will have the blessing of meeting them while we are in country!  i'll update you as soon as i know!

thank you for sticking with us as God continues to adjust our faulty character!
to Him be the Glory!  LeAnn

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Can't wait to share...

well we have our first 16 year old, be careful on the roads!!!

this has been a fun yet tough week.  in light of the legalities of all that is going on, i will be careful in how i proceed.  however, i would like to share with you that finally we have made some big decisions.  if i was completely honest, God had to hit us over the head a time or two for us to get it, but we are on His page now.  you are a big part of this process, thank you for faithfully going before the throne on our behalf.  and for praying for God's will as opposed to our comfort. 

so with that said, i would like to share with you that we will not be leaving the girls behind, we will begin movement on them as well.  we will keep you up to date as they too find thier way home!!

i am so thankful God shows us the pieces of the puzzle and not the whole puzzle at once.  we have no idea the challenges before us and truly don't care, we know we are in God's will and that is the safest place to be.  

i love Him so much and you too!  LeAnn