Thursday, March 28, 2013

So the plan as of today...

We are done... Finalized... Completed
here in Belem, anyway :)

Yesterday we got the passports and
Completed everything medical that
Needed completed before traveling
To Rio!

The Patterson's and the Shulz's helped
Get everything out of the rental today...

While the guys delivered the last of the
Furniture, Jenny and I were able to return
The keys, work out delivery of the rental
Car and Jenny cooked lunch... amazing!

We once again have moved in to the
Pattersons bed and bfast (what Scott
Calls their home!). The girls are loving
Having friends to play with.

While I was out walking this afternoon
They planned me a surprise party with
Lots of balloons, singing, dancing,
Cake and ice cream... yep i was surprised.

Our flight to Rio leaves at 5:55 am...
So its not long now before we embark on
Our next leg of the journey!

We will get to spend the afternoon tomorrow
With The WBC team in Rio!!  How cool!
And then we will get to see them off on
Their flight home (second time I've watched
As others return home :)

We have the drs appt for the girls on Monday
And our embassy appt on Tuesday at 9.
If all goes well our flight is scheduled to
Depart on wed eve?!  Home on thurs!

The girls are a bag of nerves and fear..
Please pray for them... Their hardest part
Of the journey is beginning now!!

They have seen Dad show out through this month
In unbelievable ways...

On Adoption Day... We were scheduled for a
1:00 pm hearing... We got a call at 9:30
Telling us to get to the courthouse ASAP
Because the judge wanted to go ahead
(and since he returned from vacation that
morning just to do our hearing we figured we
better move!!)

we called Victor (our friend and translator for
the Hearing) and he was sick with the flu!  Ut-oh!
i called Jenny and as always, she was more than
willing to help!  So we left to go get her wet
headed straight out of the shower. 

on the way to the courthouse the police pulled us
over... Jenny was able to talk him into letting
us go but... he still wrote us a ticket (our 2nd one).

we got to the courthouse and found out that one of
our social workers had been in a wreck, so the
paperwork was not completed. 

Needless to say the enemy was working overtime
to distract all from the main point.  But as the
story goes... God kept us all focused and pushing
forward and...we were blessed to taste God's goodness. 

To God we give all Glory!!!

Thank you so much for continuing to take this journey
with us... we feel your prayers!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I don't know what triggers homesickness...
It could be that we left home 31 days ago;
It could be my desire to sleep in a bed :)
It could be my baby turns 10 on Monday
And I won't be there;
It could be my eldest daughter leaving for a
Mission trip this am and I didn't get to see her off;
It even could be... having fixed grilled fish and
Chicken, baked pot, corn on Cobb, salad and
Brownies today... A favorite meal at home...
Whatever it is... The feeling is SO real!!

BUT as much as my heart hurts....
It's nothing compared to Chloe's and Emmy Joy's.

Please pray for them by name as we are coming
To the end of our days here!

We will take them to thier church tomorrow night
Where the Pastor will pray over our family
(Yes all in Portugese)!

We go before the judge Monday at 1:00pm.
And If all goes in our favor...Scott and Erik will board
a plane on Tuesday headed home.

The girls and I will stay behind to do birth certificates
And Brazilian passports, then travel to Rio to connect
With Deborah and do a doctors visit  and American passports.

We are SO close!!   Thank you for hanging with us...

For taking unbelievable amts of meals and gift cards
To our family!

For hugging on my mom and kids!

For taking my kids home with you for the weekends!

For words of encouragement,  for your prayers on
Our behalf and for your friendship!

We take NONE of it for granted!!  Thank you!!

Words do not do justice to how my heart feels about
Each of you!

I love each of you dearly!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Learning to laugh :)

Chloe and I have been talking about
Her fear of people making fun of her as
She tries to speak English.

I've been trying hard to explain how little
It matters what others think.  That if they
Make fun of her... Just laugh with them,
smile and walk away.

I even said... That we think people
Think about us more than they do...
And That within seconds they will
Have moved on to something else.

So we stopped at the grocery store
Last night at 11 pm on the way home.
I couldn't believe how busy it was!

We finished shopping, it was all rung up
And was time to pay.  Everybody was
Staring because we stood out with our
Skin color. I smiled at the girl as I dug
Deep in my bag For the cash.

Imagine her surprise when instead of pulling
cash out to give her... i pulled a feminine product
that had worked its way out of the package :)

I quickly returned it, found the cash,  smiled
And walked away laughing.

I'm sure she had lots of fun with that story
before she moved on!

A lesson for me...
Learning to practice what you preach
Comes in all kinds of packaging...
Or not :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Getting rid of a little more of me...

Im sitting at the table studying out of the book of Daniel
As the three kids are huddled around a portable DVD player
Watching Fantastic four.

I stare at their faces as I remember so many moments from
The week...  Good, bad, hard, sad, exciting, trying...
But all memorable!

A few stand out that I want to share...
This may be long and they may seem random
But... If you'll stick with me
I'll try to pull them all together!

We had a discussion Sunday about what
They each wanted to be when they grow up...
Erik... A professional soccer player,
Chloe... A doctor on the mission field,
And Emily... A veterinarian.

We assured them they had the potential!
And that we (their forever family) were
Here through Gods direction to help
Them be all they were meant to be.

Shortly after we visited the girls church for the
Night service.  My eyes were drawn to the
Eleven sweet girls still hoping, praying,
Waiting and watching for their forever family!

I watched them raise their hands and voices
In praise and pain!  A few had tears streaming!
And my heart ached... "What about them Lord?"
And with bravery in my heart I said in my head
With all the resolve that I had...
"I will fight for them!"

Can they truly be all they were meant to be?
I don't have the answers, but... i do know
Statistics if they don't have a forever
Family to love and support them.

I haven't been able to stop the thoughts
Running Through my head on the way home
And continuing through the week.

As the week has progressed  I've had many
Times of frustration... That have left me saying...
"I want to go home!  I'm done!  I've had enough!"
And as quick as the thought occurs I can't help
But think how quick my resolve wanes with

In Daniel 1, it talks of his resolve against some
Pretty amazing odds!  His situation stunk!  Yet...
He never cried "foul" or "poor me"... He simply
Resolved to do what he knew to be right.  He didn't
Change based on circumstance!

God allowed some pretty heavy stuff to occur in
Daniels life, BUT God also did amazing miracles
In Daniels life.  Daniels obedience to his resolve
Came first and then Gods divine blessing!
And ALL around him reaped the benefits!

I wonder what could happen in the lives of others
If my resolve would stop waning when tough things
Happen.  I wonder what blessings others would enjoy
If my character would rise to the occasion instead
Of plummet with the circumstance.  I wonder what
Difference could be made if I really lived a serious
Existence of caring for others above myself.

As a disciple of Christ I can be a Daniel today... I
Can choose to model a life of no compromise
And serious resolve... And get the blessing of sitting
On the front row watching God radically shift an other's
Life :).

No I'm not meant to save the world... That's Gods job...
But I do get the blessing of being a player in the game :)
And how significant of a player is going to depend on
My resolve!

So I choose a Daniel kind of life...
Hard but chalked full of Gods mercies :)
I want to change the world around me...
One person at a time!

So God has revealed to me.... To live a Daniel
Kind of life... I'm going to have to be willing
To get rid of a little more of me :)

So I am ecstatic to make that my resolve
moving forward... And am anticipating God Sized
Difference from here on out!!
As I move out... And He moves in!!
Wow what different priorities i will have. 

We still have more days here....
And since I know God wastes nothing...
And every circumstance is ultimately so
He will be known and for His Glory...
I am eyes wide open as we approach them.

I want to be a Daniel!  I want to make a
Significant, eternal, God sized difference...
That splashes into the lives of others that
thought they had no hope and makes
them want to rise up and be all they were
meant to be in Him!!  Glory!

We covet your prayers as we keep
moving forward!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

What a difference a little sweat makes...

So I slept til noon this morning...
I didn't go to sleep til 3,
But that part doesn't really matter.

As I made my way down the stairs,
And hit the last step into the sitting area...
3 very anxious kids looked up,
With a mix of hunger and worry!

I hugged them each and headed to the
Kitchen to make pancakes.
The heat is overwhelming!!
And i really disqust at the smell
of vinegar yet again... (used
To wash the fruit).

Everybody is finally full.
so we hand wash the dishes,
We sweep the floor chasing the ants,
We dodge Mosquitos (desperately trying to take us away),
We bring in the clothes off the line yet again...
And reposition the fans for air,
And then settle down for English.... Ugggggh!!

Chloe looks at me with frustration in her face,
And quite honestly... I'm just as frustrated!!
My thoughts go to...  "Please just help me, help you!!"
Oh God, I need some patience!

I can see in her face... her fear, her fatigue and her
Loneliness in it all, her longing for what she knows...
And the only thought I can muster is....
I feel the same way too!!
I'm the grown up... What is wrong with me!!

I want to reassure her that all will be ok,
But she doesn't understand a word I say...
A 15 yr old and a 44 year old trying
Desperately to love Gods way...
So we stare, and I eventually get up and run to the
Only comfort I know...Gods Word!

I drink iced tea yet again (a comfort from home)
as i repeat again and again... Philippians 4:4-6...
"Rejoice in The Lord always, I will say it again rejoice.
Let your gentleness be evident to all.  The Lord is near.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by
Prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your
Requests to God.  And the peace of God which transcends
All understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds
In Jesus Christ."

Again I breathe in the deep truth, exhale and say it out loud...
"I can do all things thru Him who gives me strength,
Nothing is too difficult with Him on my side,
He is enough and will see us through,
I BELIEVE you Lord!!"
My surrender moves to a new level :)

This life is just not about me... It's about Him.
And He is all about love and relationship...
And I can forget that when all my comforts are challenged!

One life radically changed is the essence of the gospel...
It should be the essence of my life as well!

This trip has wrecked my being..
Turned me upside down and kept me on my knees...
It's hard but glorious!
it has ripped my character at its core
and challenged me in ways I thought Impossible... BUT...
it has grown my Love and Need of God like nothing else!

I don't want to miss today wishing for tomorrow...
So I'll settle in, sweat some more and desperately
Try to show my little treasures a tiny glimpse into
The love of God!

Thanks for holding me up in this battle friend,
I need you!

I adore Him and love you!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Attitude is everything :)

I've posted this before but just found it...
And quite honestly I enjoyed the reminder:)

It is amazing how good the trip
Has been since I allowed The Lord
To do some attitude adjusting :)

Today has been a blast with the kids :)
Can't wait for you all to meet them!!

A lot of hurdles between now and then...
So as always we covet ur prayers!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

New perspective...

So since I last blogged I have finally (I think)
Made it to the other side of a stomach bug :)
I spent most of the weekend in the bed!

But yesterday I felt better...
So we made our way to a mall.
We ate McDonald's,
Watched a movie in Portuguese,
And then headed to an English church service.

The service began with worship... we sang Mighty to save,
Which began my moment with The Lord.
After worship, Pastor Paul preached out of the parables...
Specifically out of Matthew 5:14-16,
About being the light of the world...
And my moment continued!

And then he tied in the Fruits of the Spirit...
From Galatians 5... And how they being revealed / or not
in Our lives affects the effectiveness of our light.
i couldn't ignore God speaking specifically to me.   

Then Pastor closed with the truth that we are called and
Commissioned as believers to give thanks in all circumstances
Not just in those we like.

So then we went into small group where
we discussed the evidence of the fruits
In each of our lives... At home and publicly...
and the effect it is having on others.

And as quick as it took to ask the question,
"where my Weak spots were?"
my moment with The Lord Intensified drastically.
I knew right then and there that I was struggling!
And it is really hard to admit b/c of my pride.

My weak spot at that very moment was so apparent... joy.
I had allowed the enemy to enter in... whispering
Absolute lies in my head!!
And then i allowed them to filter through my thoughts..
I had Become discontented in my circumstances...
And my joy had become based on my circumstance
Instead of the God who IS!

Uggggggh, I fell into the trap again!
I lost my footing and lost perspective!
But God in His graciousness pointed it out,
And gave me a chance to repent and move on :)
So today that is what i am doing!

I face today with a new perspective!!
Heaven will absolutely be more crowded b/c
Of a simple trip to Brazil!

i left right here for a while, b/c i got a text from
my mom saying Gracie had gone to the er in the
ambulance.... wow!  content in all circumstances!
i took my thirty minutes and had my pity party...
then i strapped my shoes back on and got on with it. 
i give thanks to the God who deserves it...
i will be content in all circumstances :)

i am not going to say today has been easy...
but i am going to say...

Gracie has the blessing of going to the doctor
where meds have been given and she is home in
her own bed with my mom by her side.  PTL!

we found Erik's passport this morning, a kid
that at one point had never seen an American
passport!!  PTL!

i have technology where i can skype my kids
anytime i want to, so many do not!  PTL!

my kids are well fed and clothed today, millions of
others are not!  PTL!

i have been beyond blessed to add 3 more amazing
kids to our clan of 5!  PTL!


my light had grown dim because of the difficulty
of our circumstances... this is simply not an option! 
Self centeredness is a joy robber all the time!


I praise Him because He deserves it!! 
And i am blessed beyond what i deserve!
So i give thanks to my daddy and very best friend!

How about you?  Need a new perspective?