Thursday, December 27, 2012

just thoughts...

i guess you figured by now that we
made it back from Africa.
our return came with lots of tears...
we are still processing all that we feel.
i can't believe it is about to be 2013...
what happened to 2012!!
Stephen arrived March 1st,
We met Erik in Brazil May 21st,
Jordan became legal on the streets June 4th,
Sky and i just spent 2 weeks in Africa with Popa Mike,
we just FedEx'd Chloe and Emmy's new visa applications,
Patrick made his college decision,
Deborah celebrates the big _0 tomorrow,
Gracie talks like a grown up,
and Christmas 2012 just passed... time flies!!
But oh how GRATEFUL i am!!
Christmas gave us time to slow down and reminisce about...
we do a birthday gift box to Jesus every year.
Scott reads the story out of Luke 2...
then we each pull our gift out from last year
and review our follow through...
then we write out our gift for the new year and place it in. 
then we each pray!
what a blessing...
we had two new additions this year...
and they got to reminisce about
i am brought to tears again as i write it...
then we ate :)
Jordan and i leave for Passion next week...
the kids experience thier first day of school...
Kasi and I fly to Texas shortly after...
and then we head to Brazil to be
reunited with our newest additions...
i guess i'd better not take the skates off
anytime soon!
For Life Ministries is taking flight...
we have partnered with
Mike Eden Ministries,
Manna House,
and Lincoln Village Ministries...
we will share the vision on
February 16th at the "Love Does Event"...
I'm so grateful God has the plan... because I DON'T. 
i just decided my yes was yes, no matter what,
and it has become quite an adventure!
This is my first year ever not to send Christmas cards...
so here it is...

it is much more fitting than anything else we have!
Adoring Him and Loving you!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

so much like the bee!

yesterday i heard the sound of a bee...
but where was it?
i walked through the dorm room in search...
then i saw it.

it was stuck...
freedom was only inches away!
the glorious Promised land within its reach!

it bumped and bumped,
and bumped the ledge again.
the window edge only a quarter of an inch thick,
but to the bee that was a mountain...
a giant, a ginormous problem.

instead of looking around for a better way,
it continued to hit that one ledge.
"you've got to be kidding",
i thought to myself.

and then it hit me...
oh my goodness, that's me!!
i am the bee!

one ledge away,
one ginormous mountain away,
one giant in between...
from the glorious Promised land!

one sin habit, one sinful behavior,
one prideful thought...
keeps me from soaring in
complete Freedom in Christ!

watching the bee,
i realized i'm more like the sinful
Israelites that wandered than i care to admit!

i am beginning to get the courage
to wield my sword and go in a swinging...
taking my glorious inheritance,
that cost Christ's bloodshed!

wanna go with me?
it won't be easy!

it may require...
 leaving some comforts behind!

Friday, December 7, 2012

oh how i take it for granted!

so it is 2:00 p.m here is Kenya and...
i just sat down literally not hypothetically.
as soon as i awoke:
i cooked breakfast.
i washed the dishes.
i took a shower.
i washed clothes.
i hung them on the line.
i cooked lunch.
and then i washed the dishes.
i will begin supper in 3 hours.
i will then wash dishes.
bring in the dry clothes to fold.
and then start bedtime preparations.

it is a hard life, but i watch and listen
as the staff and children rejoice in the Lord...
never complaining, just so thankful!

i asked for milk this am...
30 minutes later a young man returns
with the milk...
come to find out he has found a pitcher,
walked to the cow and milked it...
i am humbled!
 i drive to the store!

at home when i am cold...
i simply touch a switch.
here... young men go cut firewood,
carry it up the stairs,
and build a fire...
i am humbled!

at home when i want clean clothes...
i put them in the washer and then dryer...
here you scrub each piece by hand,
and then hang them out...
i am humbled!

this morning as i washed dishes...
i watched a sheep grazing outside,
bleating and eating...
a few minutes ago it was slaughtered,
for a feast right outside,
i simply drive to the store and
pick up my meat prepared!
i am humbled!

i don't think twice about the water
from my sink at home...
if i am thirsty, it is clean...
but i still go buy bottled water?
yet here i boil water twice a day,
and put it into bottles...
spoiled? slightly!

i can anywhere i want to go within
minutes in my big car...
on finely paved streets.
here it takes hours,
dodging potholes the size of a cow...
and i complain if there is road construction!
i am humbled!

i could go on and on... but no need!
i complain and i grumble at
all the blessings at my fingertips!
while others would take my place gladly!

Oh what difference i could make if
i changed my perspective!!

I'm praying God will help me!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

beautiful people!

there is no doubt we are among
the most hospitable people in the world.

when Jesus said Love God with all you got,
and love others as yourself...
they took the command to heart!

it has truly made all three of us look
at how we treat others,
how frustrated we get when others
aren't doing it our way,
and how our frustrations really do
show our selfishness.

the children cannot wait to comb your hair,
hug your neck, or build your fire.
i don't even have words for the incredible
labors of the staff and older kids.
every smile is genuine and kind,
every gesture loving and unpretentious.

my heart is sad when i think of all the
conveniences i have but how little i do,
when i see how little they have and how much they do!

it will be my blessing to join with the Edens
and all their supporters (many of you),
to get this boys dorm built.
(i will post pictures on for life's facebook page)

we are so fortunate to have the blessing
of spending weeks with the most
beautiful people...
inside and out!

after the staff and kids share with us...
 the most amazing worship i have ever heard,
we return to our dorm and drift to sleep
listening to the animals outside and
the crackle of the fire... while
watching the glowing embers light up the room.

we awaken to the sound of  the roosters
the kids already busy outside,
and Anne working away in the kitchen.
i'm not sure it gets much better than this!

as i look out over the landscape
i have no doubt the Lord is here!