Wednesday, October 29, 2014

the joy of seeing that they get it...

we are the family that has more issues and counselors than you can count on one hand.
i spend more than a few hours in varying principals offices in a week.
we are constantly in the spotlight (and not a positive one).
we come in a pack and we are chaotic and noisy.
yep, you know who we are :)

there have been times that not only have i doubted we would arrive at graduation from HS,
or movement to the next grade, but i have doubted arriving to a new dawning of the day. 
we are, have been and will continue to be a mess.

How thankful i am that i serve a God that "messes" are His specialty.  

i have clung to the verse over the years from Proverbs 22:6:
"Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old
he will not depart from it."

all the tears, frustration, crazy creative discipline, prayer,
prayer meetings and counseling sessions are all cherished 

all the mornings, afternoons and evenings of dragging them along 
to serve others as they rolled eyes, fussed and complained
are also funny memories now...
as i look into the lives of our growing children. 

perfect?  are you kidding?  
good behavior? depends on the day.
attitude?  constant struggle!
developing into their own person?  absolutely!
 and i continue to cling to the verse :)

i don't know what happens tomorrow, and i don't need to,
because honestly all i can hold on to is the present, which is today.

and for today it is fun to watch them choose to follow in some passions of our heart.  

i find joy following jordyn as God grows her up an ocean away as 
she serves the children of Guatemala with an open heart and attentive ear.

i find joy watching skyler as she chooses to use her gifts to give to others...
and seek to know Him more as she serves. 

i find joy sitting in morning prayer time and watching each of our kids as they are
working through their own belief system.
some have had longer to watch and be actively involved in serving others, prayer and
 talks about the Lord and are now choosing their own way.
others don't have as much time under their belt, so we continue to train!

we all live life each day as an example to watching eyes and impressionable hearts! 
some of what i've taught, i wish i could take back.
other things, i'm grateful they grabbed hold of!


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